Mastering Burp Suite Pro, 100% hands-on

"This is not a book about astronomy; rather, this is a book about telescopes" - PoC||GTFO Volume II

Switching to online sessions

Converting an on-site training to an online one wasn't an easy task. The following feedback is specific to our first online session ever. We are now confident that the learning experience is at least as good as before.
This was exactly the type of class I've been looking for for a couple of years, especially as an already advanced-level web app tester.
Nathan E.
Thanks I really enjoyed the training and learn a lot of great tips that will be useful in my work
Florian N.
Very supportive instructor and staff. Training platform was good for the training. Learned new topics and techniques
Mohamed G.
I really like that the training is hyper focused on burp suite. Most of the training courses I've taken in my career rarely dig really deep into single topic. It was great to know that we were going to talk about burp suite and just burp suite for the course. Also the lab environment was outstanding. 
Johnathan M.
The training was excellent, well planned, well delivered, the only real issues were some bugs in Burp or plugins. The training team was very responsive, I believe all questions from attendees were noted and addresed. Zoom and Discord worked.
Nikita A.
I felt that the flow was perfect. The material was covered at just the right speed. I never felt like I was lagging behind. I also never felt like I needed to work ahead. It was the perfect balance of letting us work on our own and guiding us.
Matthew R.

Public testimonials

Here's what former students (maybe you know some of them) posted on Twitter...
Training experience and knowledge transfer was excellent - certainly couldn’t tell it was the first online training; training material and cloud environment was professionally slick.
Just finished up Burp Suite training with @Agarri_FR and @AbyXss through Ringzer0. Amazing training with very applicable and useful content. The delivery was super effective and easy to follow. I highly recommend looking for trainings with them in the future!
I’ve been using BurpSuite for years but @Agarri_FR showed that I’ve never used more than 5% of the tool. Thanks for that awesome training!
If you think you know Burp Suite, think again and take @Agarri_FR advanced training. Awesome content & tons of great labs.
It was an amazing course! Thanks again!
Fantastic training @Agarri_FR! Many useful tips and tricks even for advanced pentesters!
To anyone who hasn't taken training from @Agarri_FR three words. So worth it!
Great course, great tutor 👌
Thank you for the great training. I enjoyed it immensely and we all learned a lot of new tricks.
If you wanna take your knowledge of BurpPro to next level then @Agarri_FR's training is definitely for you! Personal experience, recommended
A go to training and Nicolas is super dedicated to give the best. Be ready to learn a lot of new tips! 👍
Thank you so much for the well thought out course material to teach all the fun intricacies of PortSwigger's Burp Suite! You guys rock!
One of the best burp training. Highly recommended. if you are using burp for more then 10 years still highly recommended.
Just finished Burp training by @Agarri_FR . Highly recommend it. Even though I have used Burp for some time, I learnt a lot and sharpened my burp skills .
#HITB2019AMS burp suite training from @Agarri_FR was amazing! I learned an absolute ton. Highly recommended.
No matter how much experience you have with @Burp_Suite you will still learn some great tricks from @Agarri_FR , even on day 1, and have sooo much fun with the challenges
Just got back from @NorthSec_io and training w/@Agarri_FR! I already use Burp everyday, but now I know how inefficient I have been. I can offload so much more to Burp that I have just done myself. Thanks for the awesome 3 days and all the tips and tricks. 100% recommend this!!!!!
3 day BurpSuite Pro training given by @Agarri_FR at @NorthSec_io was excellent! Workflow improved heaps, learned a lot of neat tricks and ready to use them to find more bugs! Recommended!
The worst part about the Mastering Burpsuite Pro course is realising how many hours I've wasted writing scripts to achieve an aim I could have done in a few seconds with Burp
Thanks, @Agarri_FR, for this weeks' course to master @Burp_Suite! It was a helpful week with lots of in-depth and hands-on training. I really enjoyed being able to test so many little things I usually skip because I'm a hurry.
I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity to attend the #BurpSuitePro training by .@Agarri_FR! It was excellent, dynamic, challenging, and fun! My head's still thinking about macros and fuzzing! Thank you!
Years of using it and you don't know that Ctrl + click is a thing in @Burp_Suite? Just follow @Agarri_FR's training. Seriously, DO IT. It's not just something about @Burp_Suite, it's a web pentest game changer. Don't miss it.
Had an awesome training this week "Mastering Burp Suite Pro: 100% Hands-on" by @Agarri_FR.
Indeed it was 100% hands-on and I learned a huge amount about Burp. If you are interested in Web pentests and tooling, I'd 100% recommend this training!!#HITB2018AMS
Mastering Burp Suite training from @Agarri_FR is 🔥🔥🔥 I use Burp everyday since a couple of years and I can't believe how much my workflow has improved during the training
I had a chance to attend @Agarri_FR's #BurpSuite Training and trust me, that was ace!
Anyone (including pentesters) should do it, you learn cool (and productive) tricks, thanks again Nicolas :-)
Superb "Mastering #BurpSuite Pro" training by @Agarri_FR at #HITBGSEC @HITBGSEC @HITBSecConf #pentest #webdev
If you think you know #burpsuite let @Agarri_FR proof you wrong. Just had 3-days of intensive, hands-on burpsuite training with a very knowledgeable teacher! Learned a ton! 100% recommended!
Nicholas' @Agarri_FR #BurpPro training In Paris was realy professional. Covered lot details. Nick have his own approach to this topic!
Thanks for a great training!
The training by @Agarri_FR was awesome! Lot of useful stuff :-) Thanks Nicolas! #cybsec16
Had an awesome Burp Suite Pro training with @Agarri_FR during #CYBSEC16! Thanks Nicolas!
Big thanks to @Agarri_FR for his awesome @Burp_Suite training at @hackinparis #hip2k15
Although I use #burp on a daily base I learned quite some cool tricks (cc @Agarri_FR) #HIP2013