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Tips and tricks

We manage the @MasteringBurp account, which regularly posts Burp Suite tips and tricks.
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We sometimes publish on Agarri's corporate blog...

Exploiting WPAD with Burp Suite and the "HTTP Injector" extension (link)
  • Redirect other users' traffic to yourself using WPAD
  • Exclude SSL traffic from interception (avoid client-side warnings)
  • Develop a custom extension infecting HTTP traffic (f.e. injecting a BeEF hook)
  • Test the setup on eBay

Exploiting a Blind XSS using Burp Suite (link)
  • Use Burp Collaborator to detect a blind XSS
  • Use Burp Collaborator to exfiltrate data from the victim's browser (cookies!!)
  • Use the stolen cookie via a Match & Replace rule
  • Browse the admin interface and get a flag

Deserialization in Perl v5.8 (link)
  • Spot a HTML form with a hidden parameter whose value is Base64-encoded
  • Fuzz the value using the "Character Frobber" payload type in Intruder
  • Identify a Perl deserialization vulnerability
  • Exploit the vulnerability in Repeater and get RCE

Intruder and CSRF-protected form, without macros (link)
  • Setup a local "Damn Vulnerable Web Application" target
  • Analyze the login flow, using a browser and Proxy History
  • Log in using Repeater (manually dealing with redirects and CSRF tokens)
  • Use Intruder's Recursive Grep to transparently manage CSRF tokens, w/o macros
  • Run a brute-force attack in Intruder and find the admin password
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Bugcrowd video (by Jasmin Landry)

Former attendee @JR0ch17 (aka Jasmin Landry) published a video listing plenty of tricks we covered during the training. His Advanced Burp Suite video is available online via the Bugcrowd University.
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HackerOne videos (by Cody Brocious)

There's a 3-video playlist on Hacker101:
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We recommend the WebSecurity Academy, by PortSwigger. We also heard good things about PentesterLab (paid, but some free labs are available).
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Burp Suite Community

The Community Edition version of Burp Suite has some limitations, but is nonetheless a good starting point. Don't miss its great documentation.

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